Africa: Middle, Western and Southern

Africa: Middle, Western and Southern


The middle, western, and southern regions of Africa have experienced more than their share of turmoil, civil wars, corruption, and disease. Each country has a rich and interesting history that has contributed to its current human rights status. Governments and economies contribute the most to each country's social progress. Civil wars have led to thousands of displaced people, making it hard to gather the monetary and human resources needed to build infrastructure for transportation, water treatment facilities, and schools. In many of these countries, addressing health care issues has been especially challenging, especially in those countries battling outbreaks of Ebola and Aids. However, these challenges haven't prevented some progress from being made when it comes to social progress. People's basic needs, such as nutrition, access to medical care, and food security are improving in most of the countries in these regions. While more progress still needs to be made, it is clear steps are being taken toward further social progress.

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From the series Social Progress and Sustainability
Grade Range: 7th – 12th
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