Africa: Northern and Eastern

Africa: Northern and Eastern


The countries of northern and eastern Africa have fought hard over the years to become independent countries. Because of this struggle, individual rights and freedoms as well as standards of living have suffered in many of these countries. The economies of these countries often dictate the social progress they have made. In some counties where urbanization has increased, access to safe drinking water and medical care have also increased, for example. Since some of the countries in northern and eastern Africa are considered the poorest in the world, many nonprofit and governmental agencies have partnered with their governments to assist them. Some programs help them obtain food; others assist with medical resources; while still others help to provide money to fund the building of much-needed infrastructure. Within the countries, citizens and sometimes their governments continue to work to improve their social progress, from providing basic access to education and resources, to improving tolerance for those of other faiths, backgrounds, and sexual orientation.

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From the series Social Progress and Sustainability
Grade Range: 7th – 12th
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