Art Today! Series (10 Titles)

Art Today! Series (10 Titles)


While many young people dream of a life of creativity in the arts, few have concrete ideas about what a career in a creative industry might look like in reality. This series brings readers inside their favorite creative fields including film, photography, painting, and music to truly understand the business-side of the art they love. The series allows readers to see the many opportunities for someone passionate about starting a creative career. Each title explores a different part of the art world, covering topics from the basics of how the art is produced to the details of the industry that surrounds the creators and artists.

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Acting: Stage & Screen

View Product | ISBN: 9781682650578 | $9.95 | Paperback

While you may love the idea of seeing yourself in a movie or television show, you might not know the best way to reach your dreams. If you're interested in an acting career, you'll need to know about the business behind the glamour. Learn about the art, history, and business of acting. Find out how actors find work on stage, in movies, and on television shows and commercials. Discover how actors get their start in the business--and how you too could have a creative career in acting!

Art Festivals & Galleries: The Art of Selling Art

View Product | ISBN: 9781682650585 | $9.95 | Paperback

While many people dream of being an artist, there is an art behind art that is just as important as what artists create with paint or cameras. Selling art--often at festivals and galleries--is an important part of many artists' careers. Discover the business behind the art you love. Learn how you can get involved in the world of galleries and art festivals--whether you're selling your own art or representing others.

Comedy & Comedians

View Product | ISBN: 9781682650592 | $9.95 | Paperback

You may love to make your friends and family laugh--but have you ever thought of making laughter your job? While many people love to laugh at their favorite comedians, few people know about the business behind the laughs. A willingness for risk-taking in presenting yourself to an audience and being open to judgment and feedback, along with writing and performance style are required to pursue this art form. Learn how comedians make their living and discover what it takes to begin a career in comedy.

Filmmaking & Documentaries

View Product | ISBN: 9781682650608 | $9.95 | Paperback

Have you ever been inspired to create your own movies? Whether it's the biggest blockbuster movie or a small documentary, many people make a living creating amazing films. Discover the world of filmmaking, including the business behind both Hollywood hits and small films. Learn how you can get started on a career behind the camera!

Music & Musicians

View Product | ISBN: 9781682650615 | $9.95 | Paperback

You might have a fantasy of someday recording a song or playing music on stage for a cheering audience. Many people dream of becoming a rock, rap, or pop star--but not everyone understands just what it takes to turn music into a successful career. Learn about the art and history of music, as well as the business of playing, writing, recording, and selling songs. Find out how you can build your own music career!


View Product | ISBN: 9781682650622 | $9.95 | Paperback

You've probably tried drawing or painting at some point in your life, whether it was finger painting in kindergarten or doodling in the margins of your notebooks. Some people make this art form a life-long career, however, expressing themselves through their art and making money at the same time. Find out more about the world of painting, from how painters start out to the history of the art. Learn ways you can get involved in painting today--and maybe even build your own creative career!

Performing Arts

View Product | ISBN: 9781682650639 | $9.95 | Paperback

Maybe you've imagined performing in a huge theater filled with people clapping for you. But you might not know about the art, history, and business behind the performing arts, from dance to musical theatre to opera. "Performance art"--spontaneous, informal art expressions that allow the performer and audience to directly interact--adds a new twist to the traditional performing arts. Find out more about these art forms, including how you can build a career in dance or theatre. Discover some of the edgier aspects of performance art, like living statues and guerrilla theater. Learn what it takes to make it in the exciting world of performing arts!


View Product | ISBN: 9781682650646 | $9.95 | Paperback

Now that we have cameras in smartphones, as well as plenty of ways to share photos with friends online, a lot of us are taking photos. But not everyone who takes a photo is an expert at using a camera lens to create works of art. If you're interested in a career in photography, first you'll need to know about the art, history, and business behind the beautiful shots. Learn more about the world of photography, from stock photographers to journalistic photographers who reveal truths we might not otherwise see. Discover how photographers make a living with their art--and how you too can build a career in photography!


View Product | ISBN: 9781682650653 | $9.95 | Paperback

Whether clay, stone, glass, or another material, sculpting can be an amazing way to express yourself. While many people might try sculpting for fun, others make it a lifelong career, turning their art into a way to make money. Discover the world of sculpting, from how sculptures are created to the history of the art. Learn about the business of sculpting and how sculptors can make a career doing what they love. Find out how you too can get involved in a creative career in sculpting!

Writing: Stories, Poetry, Song, & Rap

View Product | ISBN: 9781682650660 | $9.95 | Paperback

From a touching poem to an epic novel to a meaningful song, the right words can change people's lives. Whether you're just starting your first short story or you're a young songwriter looking for the perfect chorus, you may find you have a talent with words. If you're interested in building that talent into a career, first you'll need to know the basics of the vast business opportunities in writing. Learn how different people are paid to write, from novelists to rappers, and find out what it takes to begin a career in writing. Discover how you can build your own writing career!


10 Titles
Series ISBN: 9781617179419
Grade Range: 7th – 12th
64 pages each

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