Black Achievement in Science Series (10 Titles)

Black Achievement in Science Series (10 Titles)


Great achievements, innovations, and inventions have been recorded both in recent times and in the past by men and women of color, and this series celebrates their work and lives. By reading about how black people from around the world have contributed to our shared humanity, students of today can be inspired to pursue their own dreams. Titles include stories of award-winners and groundbreakers in chemistry, computer science, medicine, technology, and more. In a perfect world, we, like science, would not see color. Until then, we celebrate and inspire with stories of BLACK ACHIEVEMENT IN SCIENCE.

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Biology is the study of life itself in all its forms. Scientists in this field try to expand our knowledge of life, from tiny genes to enormous elephants and everything in between. Inside, read how black biologists from around the world created new techniques in cell biology, made discoveries in DNA science, developed groundbreaking chemotherapies, and studied elephants, spiders, and other wildlife.


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The great African-American chemist George Washington Carver changed how we see not only peanuts, but the opportunities for black people in science. Inspired by the work of Carver and other pioneers, black chemists from around the world have added to the worlds knowledge in food science, medicine, thermodynamics, and more, as well as helped add elements to the periodic table. Inside, read about these discoveries and many more.

Computer Science

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The impact of computers on the world cant be overstated. The impact of black scientists on that world, however, is a story that needs to be told. From the earliest days of the punch card to todays app-based mobile systems, black scientists from around the world have made vital and lasting contributions: writing software, doing pioneering work in artificial intelligence, developing powerful new silicon chips, and guiding new tech companies. This is an industry that is still developing; the stories inside provide inspiration for tomorrows groundbreakers.


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Engineers impact just about every part of our lives. The people highlighted in this book, for example, have made buildings comfortable and safer, led teams of engineers as they built bridges and levees that saved lives, developed new ways to send information with fiber optics, and even invented an award-winning toy. They were united not only by their creative and ingenious work, but by their African heritage. Inside, read about engineers who overcame barriers as they worked to use their talents to help the world.

Environmental Science

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Few sciences have been as much in the news as this one, which is concerned with the health of our planet. In this hot-button field, black experts from around the world are playing many vital roles. Inside, read how these forward-thinking scientists are working to counteract climate change, studying ways to make farmers lives better, planning the cities of tomorrow, and even leading government agencies charged with protecting our resources. Inside, read inspiring stories of people fighting for change.


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Revolutionary War-era inventor Benjamin Banneker gets most of the headlines, but the story of invention by black scientists certainly did not stop there. Throughout recent centuriesand perhaps never more so than todaybrilliant and dedicated creative people of African heritage are helping to make our world better and safer with their inventions. From food refrigeration to high-tech electronics, from closed-circuit TV to 3-D glasses, from rocket science to computersall these areas and more are part of the inspiring stories in this book, which awaits new chapters of inventions yet to come.


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Saving lives is the job of every medical professional, regardless of their background. Not every part of our society has always been allowed to be a part of that lifesaving work, however, so the inspiring stories in this book are about people who overcame barriers to fulfill their mission. Pioneer nurses, groundbreaking surgeons, inventive medical engineers, and more, the black people featured in this book are just the tip of the iceberg of thousands of dedicated professionals. Will your story be in this book someday?


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How does the world work? How do light, energy, and matter interact? These fundamental questions about our world are studied by physicists, who put their discoveries to work in the real world. For the last century, discoveries in physics have happened at a rapid pace, and scientists of African heritage from around the world have been in the middle of the action. Inside, read inspiring stories of men and women who changed our ideas about how the universe was made, who examined the Earth and how it moves, and many more.


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Human beings have been exploring space close-up since the 1960s, and African-Americans have played a vital role throughout the process. Inside, read inspiring stories of astronauts such as Mae Jemison, Guy Bluford, and Charles Bolden (who became the head of NASA); visit with the popular astrophysicist Neal DeGrasse Tyson; and go back to the early days of space flight with engineers who helped start the US space program.


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The technology industry of today has really only been around for a few decades, but in that time, it has brought massive change to the world. Scientists and experts of African heritage have made many important contributions to this process, and their inspiring stories are inside. Read about their innovations in electronics, computer technology, video production, software coding, and entrepreneurial leadership. Some of these experts are also using their position to mentor younger scientists make their own dreams come true. Will you be next?


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Grade Range: 7th – 12th
64 pages each

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