My Brother Is a Robot Series (6 Titles)

My Brother Is a Robot Series (6 Titles)


When Shawn Cole’s mother, who is an engineer, brings home a robot named Cyrus who looks just like Shawn, the family gets ready for many new adventures. Cyrus is living with the Coles in order to gain a better understanding of humans and their emotions. Shawn thinks having a robot around might be pretty cool. As the boys make plans, carry out schemes, and argue over silly things, they both learn what it means to be a brother.

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The Master Plan

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Everybody in town loves Cyrus, even though he’s a robot—everybody except Shawn Cole’s dad, who thinks Cyrus is a nuisance. When police officers visit the Cole house because of Cyrus, it’s the last straw. Mr. Cole says that Cyrus has to act like a normal kid for a whole week, or he’ll be sent back to the lab. So, Shawn and his robot brother come up with a plan to make Shawn’s dad see just how great Cyrus really is. Will Cyrus and Mr. Cole finally develop a better relationship, or will Cyrus have to return to the lab?

The Experiment

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Shawn Cole is a basketball player who doesn’t have time to learn about fractions; he’d rather be working on his layup. One evening, Shawn’s mother, a mechanical engineer, brings home a robot named Cyrus to live with the family. The weirdest thing about Cyrus isn’t that he’s an incredibly lifelike robot—it’s that he looks exactly like Shawn. As the Cole family adjusts to having Cyrus around, Shawn decides to take advantage of his new genius brother’s math skills . . . Will Shawn’s plan backfire? Or will he get away with having Cyrus do his work for him?

The Decision

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Cyrus Cole’s discovery has already started saving lives around the world, but Shawn just wants his brother to start acting like a kid again. When Cyrus comes back home after traveling, he’s tired and busy and doesn’t have much time for Shawn. The brothers—one human and one robot—are best friends, but both of them can sense that Cyrus is becoming something different. Then, Cyrus makes a tough decision that changes the lives of every member of the Cole family . . .

The Discovery

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When a hurricane hits, Shawn Cole and his family prepare for the worst. Afterwards, Shawn’s robot brother Cyrus becomes obsessed with survival strategies, so the boys’ father takes Cyrus on an extreme camping trip. When they return, Cyrus builds his own lab in the backyard and starts working on some top-secret research . . . When Cyrus finally reveals his groundbreaking discovery, will it bring the Cole family together or tear them apart?

The Switch

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Shawn Cole has been dreaming of the day when he’s allowed to play basketball with the team again. But when that day arrives, he’s busy finishing an important math project. So, Cyrus steps in for Shawn during the game, but he’s discovered by one of Dr. Cole’s jealous colleagues. When Dr. Geno exposes the switch—making people believe that Cyrus shouldn’t be allowed in the community—Shawn and his friends set out to repair Cyrus’s reputation. Will the people in town ever accept Cyrus again, or will the lab pull the plug on the robot project?

The Fight

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After summer vacation, Shawn Cole and his robot brother Cyrus start middle school. Cyrus is an instant celebrity, but Shawn is barely passing his classes and is nervous about basketball tryouts. Then Cyrus joins the soccer team, and the brothers stop spending time together. But when Chantal—a girl Shawn has had a crush on forever—begins to pay attention to Cyrus, Shawn gets angry. He picks a fight with Cyrus in the hallway. and the scuffle lands them both in trouble . . . Will the Cole brothers be able to work out their differences, or are they starting to grow apart?


6 Titles

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