Career Assessments & Their Meaning

Career Assessments & Their Meaning


Find out what career assessments really mean… Career assessment tools can help you understand yourself and the world better by allowing you to match your interests and skills to the real-life world of employment. These tools include: * The Strong Interest Inventory; * The Campbell Interest and Skill Survey; * The Self-Directed Search; * Computer and Internet career guidance programs; and * Card sorts. These assessment tools can help get you started on your road to the future. Whatever career you choose, you’ll need education, experience…and the core qualities of a good character. As you look toward the world of work, Career Assessments & Their Meanings can help you make a realistic plan based on character issues, career requirements, and your own unique talents and interests.

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From the series Careers With Character
Grade Range: 7th – 12th
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Lexile Level: 1080L

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