Ice Hockey

Ice Hockey


Ice hockey is Canada's game. The modern version was crafted in Montréal, and it spread across the country on frozen ponds and lakes. Most of the game's greatest players are Canadians, but even in the early days of the sports, the American influence was felt. Hobey Baker was the first great American player. He was captain of the Princeton hockey team and led his amateur team to a national championship. Baker never played the pro game, however, choosing to serve his country in World War I instead. NHL players compete for the Stanley Cup, the oldest professional sports trophy in North America. Today, 23 of the NHL's 30 teams are U.S. based, and American stars like Zach Parise and international stars like Henrik Lundqvist share the spotlight with stars from Canada like Sidney Crosby. Each book in the Inside the World of Sports series takes you from the very beginning of a sport to a look at its future. Inside these pages, learn more about ice hockey's greatest moments, iconic athletes, and what the future holds for the game.

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From the series Inside the World of Sports
Grade Range: 7th – 12th
Page Count: 80
Lexile Level: 1160L

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