Incredible Insects

Incredible Insects


Imagine being able to jump over your own house! How about a meal of blood or elephant droppings? Think what it would be like to walk around with your skeleton on the outside. Such is the life of insects. In this book, you'll learn about the most numerous animals on the planet. Explore colonies where millions of insects work together to survive. Learn how insects taste through their feet and see colors that we can't. Watch how insects talk to each other in codes that scientists haven't been able to break. Almost everywhere you look, you can find an insect. That's because they have so many different kinds of bodies–some with wings, pincers, mandibles, and eyestalks. You cannot imagine all the weird ways insects have found to make a living.

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From the series Wildlife Oddities
Grade Range: 3rd – 6th
Page Count: 32
Lexile Level: 880L

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