Make It Happen! Solomon Dubner, Podcaster (Upper Level)

Make It Happen! Solomon Dubner, Podcaster (Upper Level)


Solomon Dubner has always been interested in sports, but he wasn’t always interested in soccer. It took a trip to England for him to see how exciting soccer really is. This new perspective led him down a road to discovery. He has now become one of the United States’ youngest experts on international soccer through the podcast he created with his father called Footy for Two. Having overcome challenges in school due to a learning disability, Solomon has proven that if you follow your passion, you too, can Make It Happen!

Lexile: 910L

Product ID: 13296ISBN: 9781682655801.


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The jobs that people have are important to their sense of self and are essential to supporting families and communities. In the years ahead, students are likely to find happiness and stability thought learning skills that help them adapt to fast-paced work environments. The Make it Happen! series is not about learning how to become a superstar or a hero. Instead, each book in the series presents a personal, up-close look into the lives of extraordinary people who have overcome great challenges and learned the skills necessary to realize their goals.

A whole child approach ensures that each student is healthy, safe, engaged, supported and challenged.

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