Military & Elite Forces Officer

Military & Elite Forces Officer


Find out what it takes to be a member of the military… The military has several branches: * Army, * Navy, * Air Force, and * Marines. Each branch offers a wide variety of opportunities, including the elite forces. Do you think you might like to dedicate a portion of your life to the service of your country? The major requirement for military service is strength of character; that means you must posses qualities like trustworthiness… Respect… Responsibility… Fairness… And citizenship. If these traits are yours, a career in the military may interest you–and it could lead to successful civilian employment as well. Military & Elite Forces Officer will tell you how.

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ISBN: 9781682652459

From the series Careers With Character
Grade Range: 7th – 12th
Page Count: 64
Lexile Level: 1090L

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