Mystifying Mammals

Mystifying Mammals


Did you ever want to know what it's like to live like an animal? Well, scientifically speaking, you are an animal, and you belong to the group mammals. Mammals are unlike all other animal groups in some very special ways, and this book will show you how. Travel from the African savannah to the Arctic Circle to find truly unique animals that live amazing lives. What traits do you share with a 165-ton (150,000-kg) whale? How does your childhood stack up to a fox cub's? You'll meet babies with moustaches and cats that can run 70 miles an hour (95 km/h)! Find out which three mammals actually lay eggs, and which kinds of mammals stay together forever. There are many surprises in the world of mammals, but one thing that might not surprise you is that many are in danger. See what you can do to help.

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From the series Wildlife Oddities
Grade Range: 3rd – 6th
Page Count: 32
Lexile Level: 890L

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