Remarkable Reptiles

Remarkable Reptiles


Reptiles have been crawling over the Earth for hundreds of millions of years, leading today to more than 6,500 species. Meet reptiles that run, swim, climb, and even fly. Incredible blue tongues, blood-shooting eyes, and poisoned-filled hinged, fangs are just a few of the features these amazing animals possess. Discover what makes reptiles unique from different animal groups, and gather the facts about how they hunt, breed, and live. Find out how being cold-blooded affects how these animals go about their daily lives. And see how colors, chemicals, and even body parts can become weapons for hunting or defense. How have reptiles survived for so long, and what is their biggest threat today? It's time to raise the scales and claw your way into the world of remarkable reptiles.

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From the series Wildlife Oddities
Grade Range: 3rd – 6th
Page Count: 32
Lexile Level: 880L

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