Russia occupies a grand place on the world’s stage. Its sprawling landscape encompasses flat, grassy steppes and soaring mountains, as well as a wide array of ethnic groups and religious traditions. Hockey, bandy, and the Bolshoi Ballet; the sweeping novels of Tolstoy; the hearty richness of borscht; the springtime holiday of Maslenitsa–all these and more are celebrated in this volume on Russia’s customs and culture. Covering history and religion; family and friends; food and drink; school and work; arts and entertainment; and cities, towns, and the countryside, Tradition, Culture, and Daily Life: Major Nations in a Global World explores what makes key countries unique magnets for the world’s fascination.

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ISBN: 9781682651964

From the series Major Nations in a Global World: Tradition, Culture, and Daily Life Series
Grade Range: 7th – 12th
Page Count: 64
Lexile Level: 1180L

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