Safety First Series (6 Titles)

Safety First Series (6 Titles)


Each day, young people are bombarded with news stories of shootings, natural disasters, car accidents, and more terrifying world events. At the same time, they have to cope with everyday issues such as peer pressure, bullying, and drugs and alcohol. For many young people, the world can be a scary and overwhelming place. This series focuses on how young readers can stay safe in these situations. Each book explores a different circumstance, informing students about the topic and teaching them ways in which they can prepare to face danger with a plan.

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Bully on Campus & Online

View Product | ISBN: 9781617179570 | $9.95 | Paperback

Each year, millions of kids are bullied. Bullying is nothing new, but today, it is more than hurting with fists or feet. For many young people, leaving school doesn't stop the bullying, because the bullies are on the Internet.

Natural Disasters

View Product | ISBN: 9781617179600 | $9.95 | Paperback

Storms, tornados, floods, wildfires--the world is full of natural disasters that do terrible damage to our homes, towns, and cities. Knowing how to prepare for a natural disaster and what you can do if one does happen is the best way to keep yourself safe.

Road Safety

View Product | ISBN: 9781617179648 | $9.95 | Paperback

Driving is a huge part of life for millions of people. We drive to go to family's and friends' houses; we drive to go to work and school; we drive to go to the store. You probably ride in some sort of vehicle every day. With so many drivers on the road, staying safe while traveling in the car is an important part of any trip.


View Product | ISBN: 9781617179655 | $9.95 | Paperback

Sports are a lot of fun. There's nothing like getting outside with a group of friends and throwing the ball around or playing a game of basketball, soccer, or baseball. But with all the fun, there are a lot of things to keep in mind to keep everyone safe.

Stranger Danger

View Product | ISBN: 9781617179662 | $9.95 | Paperback

You might have heard people say, "Strangers are just friends you haven't met yet." That's true in many cases, but not all strangers are kind and friendly. Some strangers can be dangerous. Staying away from people you don't know is often the best way to keep yourself safe.

Terrorism & Perceived Terrorism Threats

View Product | ISBN: 9781617179679 | $9.95 | Paperback

Terrorism is a major issue in today's world. Around the globe, people fear terrorist attacks. The threat of violence from terrorists seems to be everywhere.


6 Titles
Series ISBN: 9781617179334
Grade Range: 4th – 8th
48 pages each
Lexile Level: 790L

A whole child approach ensures that each student is healthy, safe, engaged, supported and challenged.

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