The Solar System Series (7 Titles)

The Solar System Series (7 Titles)

In THE SOLAR SYSTEM, its time to take a look around the neighborhood . . . a looong look at a BIG neighborhood. Earth is part of the amazing and vast Solar System, and this series takes readers on a planet-by-planet fly-by. From the radiant glow of the Sun itself to planets near and far and including comets, meteors, and more, THE SOLAR SYSTEM includes up-to-date discoveries, scientific insight, and easy-to-follow diagrams for students trying to find a place under the Sun. Our own home, the Earth, gets a volume that also covers our nearest neighbor, the Moon. Near, Giant, and Far Planets are all covered in depth, as is the latest information just beamed back from Pluto and the farthest edges of the Solar System. Were all on a cosmic journey together. THE SOLAR SYSTEM is the road map to use along the way.

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7 Titles
Series ISBN: 9781682655573
Grade Range: 5th – 8th
48 pages each

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