Special Forces: Protecting, Building, Teaching and Fighting Series (10 Titles)

Special Forces: Protecting, Building, Teaching and Fighting Series (10 Titles)


These books look at the history, entry and training requirements, and the unique mission of each branch of the Special Forces, offering an inspiring insight into this elite military world.

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Air Force

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The United States Air Force is among the best in the world. In the air, in space, and cyberspace, the Air Force works to protect the United States from threats to the country's national security. The Air Force's Special Forces are highly trained to provide support to our servicemen and women as they take part in a variety of military and humanitarian efforts around the globe. This book gives readers a glimpse of what it takes to become a member of the U.S. Air Force, including the rigorous physical training each recruit must endure. You will learn: How the Air Force assists in humanitarian efforts. What the Air Force is doing to battle viruses overseas. How the Air Force works to support our troops fighting abroad in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Army Rangers

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The Rangers are some of the best-trained and most skilled soldiers in the Army. Their motto-Rangers lead the way!-is not just a slogan; in many of the modern conflicts in which the U.S. military has been involved, the Rangers have been among the first soldiers on the ground. In both Iraq and Afghanistan, Rangers carry out raid, ambush, and rescue missions, as well as many other kinds of operations. Army Rangers gives readers a view into the world of the highly skilled Seventy-Fifth Ranger Regiment, today's Rangers, as well as a look at the history of the unit. Since the Revolutionary War, Ranger tactics and standards have been some of the most effective in the entire military. The book also includes information about: The tough training courses that all Rangers must endure. What kinds of weapons the Rangers use today and throughout history. How the modern Rangers were organized and put into action around the world.

Elite Forces Selection

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Elite forces only want the best men in their ranks. That is why their selection courses are the toughest in the world. Only one out of every four recruits to the United States Army Rangers, for instance, make it through all phases of their training. Elite Forces Selection takes you into the heart of special unit training, and shows you what you need to do to pass. Fitness and preparation come first; then you have to face everything from brutal speed marches to the underwater tests of the U.S. Navy SEALs. The selection courses of individual units are examined, revealing: How the Navy SEALs train themselves to prevent drowning. How the Special Forces become medical experts. How you can control your mind in order to succeed.

Escape and Evasion

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Operating behind enemy lines takes nerve, courage, and skill. Above all, it requires the knowledge of how to stay undetected and how to escape if need be. These are the lessons of Escape and Evasion. The book covers all the essential skills of an undercover soldier. Infiltration by land, sea, and air are described in detail. The unique physical demands of night fighting are explained. Tracking techniques are also revealed, showing how the elite soldier can tell where the enemy is from broken twigs and dropped litter. In addition, this book explains some of the most surprising features of behind-the-lines operations, including: How you can fool a tracker dog. Why you should look at the outline of shapes at night. How you can calculate the distance of an enemy from a gunshot. Why you should put bits of tape on all metal objects you carry. What the best place is for an ambush.

Green Berets

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Known around the world for both their skill in combat and their unparalleled ability to survive in harsh, unforgiving conditions, the Green Berets are among America's greatest soldiers. Officially called the U.S. Army Special Forces, the Green Berets work to fight terrorism, rescue hostages, gather intelligence, and defend America's allies abroad. Green Berets examines the history of this elite fighting force, exploring their training standards and special tactics. The book gives readers a detailed look at one of the U.S. Army's most important assets, including: * How the Green Berets are selected and trained * The origin of the berets that U.S. Army Special Forces wear. * How the Green Berets served in the early days of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan


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In September 2001, in response to terrorist attacks on New York & Washington D.C., the American forces, including the U.S. Marine Corps (USMC), were put on the highest level of military alert since the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962. These soldiers are among the toughest in the world; the prestige of the unit is second to none. The entry system for new recruits is a supreme test-only about 25 percent make the grade. Over the course of an intensive 40-week "basic" training program, trainers shout at new recruits, force them to run for miles, deprive them of sleep for days at a time, and require them to make decisions almost every waking minute. This book teaches you what it takes to become a U.S. Marine. It is a grueling challenge that only the strongest survive. You need: intelligence, courage, resistance to pain and discomfort, self-control, knowledge and team spirit.

Navy SEALs

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The U.S Navy SEALs were created in the 1960s as an elite team to fight along the rivers and coastline of Vietnam. Since that time, the SEALs have become the world's best at surviving and operating at sea. They are some of the foremost fighters the American military has in its arsenal, able to engage any enemy, at any time, in any conditions. Come inside this top military unit, exploring what it takes to become a SEAL, as well as the dangers of the missions these highly skilled soldiers carry out. This book explains the history of the SEALs, including the creation of the unit and the first Navy SEAL ever to serve in the U.S. military. Also learn about: How the SEALs helped contain communism during the Cold War. What each recruit must go through in order to become part of the Navy SEALs. The techniques the SEALs use to survive at sea. SEAL tactics for remaining undetected when completing missions on land.

Parachute Regiment

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The Parachute Regiment is one of the toughest units in the U.S. military and in the world. Its training course is designed to push recruits to their limits; only those who are strong in mind and body can pass the course. This book will take you through the entire training course. Only when the recruits have shown real endurance can they even begin parachute training, working up to the moment they proudly receive their parachute wings badge. This book give amazing insights into the training, including: How the recruits cope with carrying an 80-pound pack. The bizarre equipment needed for parachute training. What it takes to jump out of a balloon at 800 feet. How these men have proved their levels of endurance in war.

Urban Warfare

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All elite soldiers know that at times our towns and cities can be as dangerous as any wilderness. That's why they train hard to defend themselves from attack, looking at ways of staying out of trouble or handling it if it happens. Explore the essential techniques of self-defense needed for an urban setting. Under elite forces tuition, you can learn how to protect yourself against physical assault by either one person or several, or even cope with a riot. Blocking, punching, grappling, and kicking are all covered, but you will also learn how to avoid trouble before it even begins. The skills covered in the book include: How to handle an attack from someone with a knife. How you can tell when a person will attack. Ways of restraining someone without damaging them. How to generate maximum power from your body. Ways of training for self-defense situations. The most vulnerable areas of the human body.

World’s Best Soldiers

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Almost every country in the world has its elite units. These are the men and women who perform operations no regular soldiers will touch, who go deep into enemy territory to sabotage, attack, rescue, and observe. Take a look at life in five of the most prestigious military units-U.S. Airborne Forces, the Israeli Parachute Corps, Russian Spetsnaz forces, the British SAS, and the Australian SAS. Explore each force's history to understand why these units are respected and feared by their enemies. Discover: How some elite units existed even in ancient times. What recruiters look for in special forces. How U.S Airborne troops parachuted into the jungles of Vietnam. How Russian Spetsnaz sabotaged German trains during World War II. How some U.S. amphibious ships can carry 1,700 troops.


10 Titles
Series ISBN: 9781682650011
Grade Range: 7th – 12th
64 pages each

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