Understanding and Caring for Your Pet Series (12 Titles)

Understanding and Caring for Your Pet Series (12 Titles)


Whether it swims, flies, runs, or crawls . . . if it purrs, barks, or chirps . . . from all over the animal kingdom, pets are part of our lives. Each book in this expertly written 12-volume series covers one of the most popular pets who live with people around the world. The authors cover how to choose a pet, how to make sure it has a safe home, how to keep it healthy and happy, and how to make it part of your familys life. Large color photos of these beautiful animals in all their variety make this a series that is not only packed with information and ideas, but is great to look at!

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Keeping and caring for fish can be a great way to explore life undersea. Whether you choose a pair of goldfish, a tropical setting, or even a challenging saltwater environment, having an aquarium provides hours of entertainment. Inside, find out what you need to bring this watery world into your home.


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If youd like to have a cat in your house (and not just watch videos of them!), this is your one-stop guide. Find out how to get your house ready for a cat, how to choose the right breed for you, how to feed and care for your pet, and even how to train them. Yes . . . you can train cats!

Dog Training

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Dog owners know that teaching a dog to respond to commands makes for a much better pet-owner relationship. Inside, learn new ways to help your dog be a member of your family. Learn tips on getting a dog to stay, fetch, and even protect you. Plus, find out about other ways you can your well-trained dog can play and even compete for a championship!


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A ferret might not be your first choice for a pet, but after you read this, you'll change your mind! Fun, playful, and unique, ferrets can become a big part of your household with a little help from you. Inside, find out how to choose a ferret, how to keep them well-fed and healthy, and even how to train them. Then clip on a leash on your ferret and make the neighbors stare in amazement!


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So cute, so cuddly, so perfect as a pet! Inside, find out much more about these roly-poly rodents. Discover where they came from in the wild, how you can choose from a dozen varieties, and how to keep your pet gerbil happy in its new home.


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These might seem like simple pets, but this book opens up the world of goldfish! Discover the many varieties of this simple pet, plus how you can keep your goldfish happy and healthy for years. By learning more about this surprisingly interesting fish, you can have hours of pleasure connecting with your finny friend.

Guinea Pigs

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Bigger than a mouse . . . shorter ears than a rabbit . . . and shaped like a giant burrito, guinea pigs can make excellent and friendly pets. Inside, find out the many varieties of this interesting animal (did you know some are hairless?), plus learn how to create the perfect indoor or outdoor home for your guinea pig.


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Come on . . . how cute are these little guys? Hamsters are popular classroom pets, but they would love to live at your house, too! Inside, find out all you need to know to welcome a hamster into your home, including tips on feeding, making a safe nest, and even breeding more hamsters! Cute is just the beginning!


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All together now: "Awwww!" Kittens are universally regarded as among the cutest animals on the planet. Bringing a pet kitten into your home can provide many hours of delight, but you have to become a good pet owner. This book is your one-stop guide to choosing, caring for, and training a kitten. (Of course, someday, they grow up to become cats . . . but that's another book!) 


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"If youd love a pet bird, then parakeets are the way to go. They come in a rainbow of colors, love interacting with people, and are pretty easy to care for. Inside, find out all you need to know about choosing the right bird and then making sure that it flourishes in your home. Plus, read about the amazing history of how these tropical birds became pets around the world!


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If you like dogs, youll love puppies! Introducing a puppy to your home can be one of the most fun things your family does together. Inside, learn how to make that big leap, from choosing the right breed of puppy to teaching it how to live with people, from feeding it properly to training it to sit, stay, and more. With great joy comes great responsibility: This book is your one-stop guide!


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You might think you know a lot about rabbits, but inside, you’ll find out much, much more. Track the history of this popular pet back thousands of years, then leap to the present to find out how choose the right breed for you. Discover how to care for your rabbit, including feeding, housing, and health tips. This book will help you make your fuzzy friend very, very “hoppy.”


12 Titles
Series ISBN: 9781682655580
Grade Range: 7th – 12th
128 pages each

A whole child approach ensures that each student is healthy, safe, engaged, supported and challenged.

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