Dream Series: The Green (Lower Level)

Dream Series: The Green (Lower Level)


My name is Jason Green, and I guess that I'm kind of a goofball. At least I was, until one of my pranks went wrong and I ended up having to get a job at the Whispering Canyon Country Club. That was when everything changed. After I became friends with Eugene, who absolutely loves golf, I started to play the game myself. To my surprise, I was actually pretty good at it! I'd never been good at anything besides making people laugh. Now I'm starting to think that maybe the cool kids aren't so cool after all. Maybe I'm not just the fat kid who's good for a laugh, maybe I'm a golfer…

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Grade 1-3 | Fiction | ISBN: 978-1-61570-783-6 | Lexile: 560 | GRL: L | English 

Dream Series – The Green:
From the Dream Series


  • Engages students with athletes of diverse cultures who serve as role models to inspire readers to achieve their own goals
  • Inspires readers with real-life dilemmas and issues that many young people face today
  • Motivates students to respond positively to adversity

Key features:

  • Chapter discussion questions to support social emotional learning
  • Writing activities that challenge students to create essays in various writing modes

A whole child approach ensures that each student is healthy, safe, engaged, supported and challenged.

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