Top 10 Teacher Toolkit

Top 10 Teacher Toolkit


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The Lightswitch Learning and ASCD Top Ten Teacher Toolkit is composed of ten titles that cover a broad range of topics critical to success in the 21st century classroom. Written by experienced educators and experts, these books focus on:

  • Student engagement and motivation
  • Setting high expectations for English Language Learners
  • Using data to identify critical gaps in student learning and developing goal-driven action plans for improvement
  • Differentiating instruction to the needs, interests, and abilities of individual students
  • Self-directed learning and student choice
  • Building strong relationships with students that have experienced childhood trauma
  • Creating safe learning environments for all students
  • Self-reflection and self-awareness
  • Generating test success through comprehensive literacy learning
  • Teaching with intentionality and mindfulness
  • Vivid classroom examples of real teachers
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Includes 10 paperback titles packaged in slip case. Produced in collaboration with the ASCD.

A whole child approach ensures that each student is healthy, safe, engaged, supported and challenged.

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