Make It Happen! Stephen Ritz, Urban Farmer

Make It Happen! Stephen Ritz, Urban Farmer


Stephen Ritz is a globally acclaimed teacher, who helps students from diverse communities thrive in school and in life by growing, cooking, eating, and sharing the bounty of their green classroom. Stephen's approach has attracted attention from the White House to the Vatican. In Ritz's Make It Happen! biography, readers will learn how his family, diverse community, and teamwork helped him to become the innovator that he is today.

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Grade 2-8 | Nonfiction | ISBN: 978-1-68265-615-0 | Lexile: 610 | GRL: M | English
Grade 6-12 | Nonfiction | ISBN: 978-1-68265-616-7 | Lexile: 900 | GRL: U | English 

Make It Happen! Stephen Ritz, Urban Farmer: 


  • Features relatable and diverse people to inspire readers 
  • Enables students to think about, plan for, and achieve their own goals 
  • Motivates readers to persevere to overcome obstacles such as bullying, learning challenges, and more! 
  • Includes strategies to identify, develop, and implement life skills critical to success 
  • Provides opportunities to explore different career paths 

Key features: 

  • Depth of Knowledge questions and standards-aligned activities for the classroom  
  • Discussion questions to support social-emotional learning 
  • Primary sources such as unique photos to help students relate in a personal way 
  • Glossary to build student vocabulary 

Make It Happen! 

The Make It Happen! series helps students build the skills necessary to reach their own goals. This series is not about learning how to become a superstar or hero. Instead, each book presents unique people who have overcome great challenges to succeed in work and life. 

A whole child approach ensures that each student is healthy, safe, engaged, supported and challenged.

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