The Lonely Princess

The Lonely Princess


The Lonely Princess is a beautifully illustrated story about the power of friendship, generosity, and respect for the differences between people. Written to teach valuable lessons during early childhood, The Lonely Princess reminds readers that friendship is not defined by what you have or where you are from, but by who you are and what’s in your heart.


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Grade K-5 | Fiction| ISBN: 978-1-68265-659-4 | Lexile: 610 | GRL: M | English
Grade K-5 | Fiction| ISBN: 979-8-88634-016-7 | Lexile: 610 | GRL: M | Spanish

The Lonely Princess:


  • Helps develop social-emotional competencies and life skills
  • Improves literacy, comprehension, and critical-thinking skills
  • Introduces young readers to the power of support systems and diverse perspectives
  • Provides powerful illustrations to engage readers

Key features:

  • Depth of Knowledge content aligned to Common Core ELA Standards
  • Individual and group activities to support social-emotional learning
  • Glossary to build and expand student vocabulary

About the Author:  

Marie is inspired by her family’s history of helping people to overcome great challenges to build better lives. Her children’s stories focus on messages that promote self-acceptance, diversity, and equity. Her presentations inspire readers to understand the power of friendship and generosity and to respect the differences between people.


“Marie and Domingo have woven together a beautiful story about the power of friendship. The greatest wish I have for young readers is to learn as the princess and Mia have learned, as lessons learned in early childhood develop into lifelong treasures of wisdom.”

—Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams

“The gift of friendship is not defined by what you have or where you are from, but who you are. It is important that we nourish our children’s minds with valuable lessons, such as teaching them to be kind, compassionate, generous, and respectful to one another, just as is done in this beautifully written and illustrated book. As a mother, I am dedicated to raising my son to nurture meaningful friendships as do the characters in this story.”

—New York City Council Majority Leader Laurie A. Cumbo

“So much simple truth in this story … may just be my favorite book. Domingo has again done something with so much Love.”

—Kelly Rutherford, Actress

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