Amazing Annabel – Thank You Veterans

Amazing Annabel – Thank You Veterans


Meet Anabelle, a third grader who strives to be the very best at everything she sets out to do. But sometimes her plans don’t work out and she needs to develop the social-emotional skills necessary to cope. Join Annabelle on her adventures with family and friends as she learns to appreciate the positive in some very challenging situations.

Product ID: 16555ISBN: 9781947829015.


During a Social Studies activity, Annabelle Copeland is paired with fellow student, Victoria, who’s a little boastful and conceited. Annabelle takes the lead in the activity and moves the group toward completing their plans to honor the veterans in their town.

Later, Annabelle attends two drama classes with Victoria and begins to see an unpleasant side of Victoria when she makes inappropriate comments. Can Annabelle help her?

When they go on a field trip to interview some retired veterans, the students give them special cards, which they had made. Because she was paired with Victoria on the trip, Annabelle learns an important fact about her. Can Annabelle help her learn to deal with it?

Later, the entire class joins together in a special day of celebration for the veterans, thanking them for their service. And Annabelle learns that she shouldn’t judge others who may be struggling with difficulties from their past.

English | ISBN: 9781947829015 | GRL:S | Lexile: 830L

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