Amazing Annabelle – May Celebrations

Amazing Annabelle – May Celebrations


Meet Anabelle, a third grader who strives to be the very best at everything she sets out to do. But sometimes her plans don’t work out and she needs to develop the social-emotional skills necessary to cope. Join Annabelle on her adventures with family and friends as she learns to appreciate the positive in some very challenging situations.

Product ID: 16565ISBN: 9781947829084.


Mrs. Mitchell’s class is preparing for a Fiesta as they study about Mexican culture and traditions. Annabelle and Jamal were paired together as they practiced the Mexican Hat Dance during Drama Club. A rumor started circulating about Annabelle and Jamal and they both noticed a lot of snickering and laughing as they looked at other students. Annabelle finally learns the truth from Kaitlyn and becomes very upset. She confronts Julia and gets to the bottom of things.

This book teaches kids that rumors and lies can be very hurtful to others, and what you may think is funny may not be funny to someone else. Apology is always the best policy.

English | ISBN: 9781947829084 | GRL:S | Lexile: 870L

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