Black and Blue NEW!

Black and Blue NEW!


Black and Blue is a riveting graphic novel written to help start, continue, and deepen conversations with children about racism and injustice. It features two black brothers in New York City impacted differently by family stories about their grandfather, a former New York City policeman. When one brother decides to become a police officer, a disconnect forms between him and his brother. That tension reaches a breaking point when increasing conflicts between the police and the Black community boils over during the “Black Lives Matter” protests.

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Grade 6-12 | Fiction | Paperback | $10.95 | ISBN: 978-1-95303-817-3 | Lexile: 390 | English
Grade 6-12 | Fiction | Hardcover | $16.50 | ISBN: 978-1-95303-832-6 | Lexile: 390 | English

Black and Blue:


  • Presents content in graphic novel format to engage readers
  • Features relatable characters and themes based on current social injustices
  • Deepens conversations about racism that enable students to better understand how they can disrupt inequality and combat racism
  • Introduces restorative justice practices that encourage students to focus on conflict resolution and problem solving
  • Inspires students to take pride in who they are and to respect the differences in others

Key features:

  • Depth of Knowledge student questions aligned to Common Core standards
  • Engaging activities to support classroom learning related to social justice and diversity issues

About the Author:

Jared is a self-taught artist who creates impactful graphic novels and channels his hip-hop and punk music influences to help children develop unique skills, passions, and creative expressions. Jared advocates for the voiceless through his art and strives to infuse his work with empathy.


“Black and Blue may be unlike any graphic novel you’ve ever read. As an author and TV news reporter based in New York City, I can report to you that this book is going to touch a nerve and make you think deeply about sensitive issues like racism and police brutality.”

—Cheryl Wills, TV News Reporter

A whole child approach ensures that each student is healthy, safe, engaged, supported and challenged.

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