Bluebell Skinks, Wheelchair Kid

Bluebell Skinks, Wheelchair Kid


Enrolling herself into Mortimer Potts Elementary School won’t be easy, but Bluebell Skinks and her sister Bonnie have a plan. In just three short weeks, she will prove to the world that a wheelchair kid can cause just as much chaos as a regular kid and have a blast doing it. With the help of her friend Frederick “French” Frye and her sensible sister Bonnie, Bluebell turns the school upside-down. Even Principal Grimble and Nurse Krutsky are caught up in her antics with hilarious results.

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Author: Liz Cooper
Product ID: 18293ISBN: 9798886340808.


Grades 4-8 | Fiction | Paperback | ISBN: 9798886340808 | Lexile: — | English

Bluebell Skinks, Wheelchair Kid


  • Presents a challenging situation and complicated emotions that provide teachable moments for readers
  • Helps students develop social-emotional competencies and life skills
  • Presents diverse characters who are relatable to all readers
  • Introduces students to others who have significant physical challenges

About the Author:
Liz Cooper is a former nurse, elementary school teacher, and school language-arts supervisor. Liz is passionate about promoting literacy, disability awareness, and kindness because as an elementary school teacher, she noticed that differently abled students were ignored on the playground. Through her writing, she aims to foster inclusivity and empathy in funny books that kids will enjoy reading.

A whole child approach ensures that each student is healthy, safe, engaged, supported and challenged.

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