Camille’s Courage

Camille’s Courage


It’s a new school year and young Camille is helped getting to class in her wheelchair by her older sister Natalie. Camille is strong and remains calm when a bully heckles her at school. At first Natalie is scared and nervous, but she soon learns that it’s important to take action when you see something bad happening to someone, whether it’s standing up for yourself or getting help from an adult when necessary.

Product ID: 17715ISBN: 979-8-188634-023-5.


Grades 1-5| Fiction | ISBN 979-8-188634-023-5 | English


  • Presents a challenging situation and complicated emotions that provide teachable moments for readers
  • Helps students develop social-emotional competencies and life skills
  • Illustrates the importance of standing up for the rights of others
  • Presents diverse characters who are relatable to all readers
  • Introduces students to others who have significant physical challenges

Key features:

  • Teacher’s Depth of Knowledge questions and standards-aligned activities for the classroom

About The Author

Despite being diagnosed with cerebral palsy at the age of three months, author Diedra Cole is dedicated to showing that through perseverance and positivity, great things can be accomplished. Diedra’s work shows her belief that regardless of differences, challenges and obstacles can be overcome.

A whole child approach ensures that each student is healthy, safe, engaged, supported and challenged.

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