Domingo Zapata Art School, Grades 6-8, Inspiration

Domingo Zapata Art School, Grades 6-8, Inspiration


Join world renowned artist Domingo Zapata for a unique and engaging K-12 arts program that introduces students to his creative and imaginative world of painting.

The Domingo Zapata Art School program is designed for teachers with varied levels of arts education training to inspire students to learn art skills and techniques and concepts. At all K-12 levels, the program also provides activities that empower students to develop essential English language arts skills as well as also integrating social emotional learning skills into each project to enable students to develop essential life skills.

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Grades 6-8 | Student Edition | ISBN 979-8-88634-047-1 | English
Grades 6-8 | Teacher Edition | ISBN 979-8-88634-051-8 | English

Domingo Zapata Art School, Grades 6-8, Inspiration


  • Introduces a variety of materials to create art
  • Develops and refines artistic techniques and work for presentation
  • Focuses on creative art expression and personal experience
  • Refines motor skills and sharpen intuitive abilities
  • Expands aesthetic awareness and develop aesthetic judgement
  • Offers opportunities for reflections about the meanings, purposes, and sources of works of art
  • Introduces the study of art history
  • Identifies the elements of art (line, shape, color, texture)
  • Promotes self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Enables students to develop social emotional skills
  • Integrates art into a variety of content areas including English Language Arts
  • Relates artistic ideas and works with societal and cultural context to deepen understanding

Key features:

  • Fifteen custom-designed lessons to foster art skills attainment
  • Standards aligned arts, ELA and social emotional learning skills to support academic and life goals including:
    • NYS Learning Standards for Visual Arts
    • NYC Blueprint for Visual Arts
    • NYS Next Generation Standards in English Language Arts
    • NY State Benchmark for Social Emotional learning
  • Collection of key works of art as created by Domingo Zapata to help students develop their imagination
  • Gallery of works by art masters to support art appreciation
  • Glossary of art terms to improve academic language
  • Coloring book pages focused on Zapata’s art to inspire creativity and improve fine motor skills
  • Sketch book pages to enable students to outline and plan art projects

About The Author
Domingo Zapata is a world-renowned Spanish-American artist born in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. Currently, he maintains studios around the world.
Zapata paints in both oil and acrylic, often incorporating mixed-media, collage, and graffiti into his work. Known for his signature Polo series, which first gained him critical acclaim, more recent work focuses on themes relating to his Spanish culture and to American icons. Zapata’s artistry is also reflected in his experience as a songwriter (he co-wrote lyrics for Michael Jackson and Jon Secada).
In both his art and life, Zapata is motivated by giving young people the inspiration to realize that “you don’t have to be famous to create art and that dreams can come true with hard work.”

A whole child approach ensures that each student is healthy, safe, engaged, supported and challenged.

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