Dream Series: Emerald (Home Run Edition)

Dream Series: Emerald (Home Run Edition)


My name is Emerald Johnston and I am destined to be a pop star. After years of coming up short in auditions, I finally get my big break. But I soon find out that recording an album, going on tour, and rising up the music charts is really hard work. Everyone in my life seems to be pulling me in opposite directions. Plus, the entertainment business is all about image-which really stinks. They tell me that my hair isn’t blonde enough, my waist isn’t small enough, and my skirts aren’t short enough! It’s as if my voice doesn’t even count! Can I become a star and still be me? Can I make it to the top without losing the people I love along the way?

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ISBN: 9781933423845

From the Dream Series
Lexile Level: 560L

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