Dream Series: The Ride (Lower Level)

Dream Series: The Ride (Lower Level)


My name is Cece Morgan and I love to snowboard. I can almost always be found flying through the snow on Rockville Mountain. I’ve lived in Wyoming my entire life. Having a giant mountain in your backyard when you love to snowboard is awesome. What is not awesome is when your father gets a new job in Los Angeles and tells you to pack up your stuff and leave the only home you’ve ever known.

That’s exactly what happened to me! Take my word for it-life in Los Angeles is not like the movies! I never get to snowboard, and I have to go to school with this girl Portia who picks on me every chance she gets. The only cool thing about California is the ocean. I’ve tried to surf a few times, and although I’m not that good yet, I love it. If I can find a way to avoid the evil Portia, I’ll survive. And if I can get the hang of surfing, I might even start to like it out here.

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From the Dream Series
Lexile Level: 460L

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