Dream Series: The Road to the Majors (Upper Level)

Dream Series: The Road to the Majors (Upper Level)


My name is Jimmy Hanks. Until recently, I was a Minor League baseball player for the Dallas Lonestars. Like most young kids, I've always dreamed about standing on a Major League field and competing against the greatest ballplayers in the world. This book is about getting there. It's about the long bus rides through deserted towns, it's about double-headers, double-plays, errors, homeruns, tryouts, failures and successes. It's about baseball. It's about my life, and how a guy who never gets picked first fights to be standing last.

Sitting here in the dugout of Lonestar Park in Dallas, on the night of my first Major League game, I can finally sit back and reflect about how in the world I got here. I guess it all starts on “assignment day” in Kissimmee, the day that everything changed. The day that baseball took second place to survival. And after this day, I would never be the same…

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Grade 3-7 | Fiction | ISBN: 978-1-61570-776-8 | Lexile: 850 | GRL: S | English

Dream Series – The Road to the Majors:
From the Dream Series (Upper Level)


  • Engages students with athletes of diverse cultures who serve as role models to inspire readers to achieve their own goals
  • Inspires readers with real-life dilemmas and issues that many young people face today
  • Motivates students to respond positively to adversity

Key features:

  • Chapter discussion questions to support social emotional learning
  • Writing activities that challenge students to create essays in various writing modes

A whole child approach ensures that each student is healthy, safe, engaged, supported and challenged.

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