Everything is Right About You Being Your Best Self

Everything is Right About You Being Your Best Self


Packed with affirmations, illustrations, and writing prompts the Everything is Right About You Being Your Best Self Activity Journal provides students with core social-emotional tools to believe in themselves, to develop resiliency, and have a great self-concept. The journaling within can be done to start the day with purpose and to close the day with reflection and contentment.

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Grades 2-5 | Fiction | Paperback| ISBN: 9781958982181 | English
Grades 2-5 | Fiction | Paperback | ISBN: 9781958982204 | Spanish

Everything is Right About You Being Your Best Self


  • Helps recognize feelings and identify healthy responses
  • Promotes mindfulness to reduce stress and anxiety
  • Improves literacy and comprehension skills
  • Encourages positive self-talk
  • Helps improve fine motor skills
  • Nurtures creativity and self-expression

About the Author:
Dr. Kahn is a holistic doctor, CEO of Empowerhouse Leadership Consultancy, Inc., founder of The BioCode System® (a self-empowerment workout), and author of The Gift of Taking, Honor Yourself First, All Else Will Follow. She is an unshakable optimist dedicated to helping students become the healthiest and strongest person they can be. Dr. Jill started the Everything Is Right About You® movement that is empowering individuals, corporations, and schools around the globe. Dr. Jill has over thirty years of experience inspiring millions of people to reclaim their personal power, health, and well-being while also bringing positive change in their personal leadership and lives.

Brianna Greenspan
Brianna is the founder of Brianna Greenspan International, an educational consulting firm that helps adults and children throughout the world. She is an author, educator, coach, and consultant in the leadership development and wellness field who inspires millions to live to their full potential. She is on a mission to develop products and services to elevate humanity. Brianna has been in the personal development field for over fourteen years starting out by first overcoming her own genetic physical challenges. Her unwavering devotion to healthy living and self-improvement, coupled with her passion for the Miracle Morning® and Everything Is Right About You® movements make for a perfect opportunity to impact and lead school communities while sharing practices to enable student success.

A whole child approach ensures that each student is healthy, safe, engaged, supported and challenged.

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