Future Stars Series: The Biz (Touchdown Edition)

Future Stars Series: The Biz (Touchdown Edition)


Beautiful beaches. Perfect weather. Trendy restaurants. Welcome to Los Angeles, the entertainment capital of the world. Although the lifestyle may be laid-back, there’s a lot going on. The glitzy and glamorous movie business is the backdrop to one of America’s most exciting cities.

When most people think about the movie business, they picture celebrities, extravagant mansions, designer clothes and stretch limousines. Sure, Hollywood is all that, and more, but it’s really all about the creative people who make the movies we love.

Mark Mayfield, a talented young actor and director from Atlanta, has big dreams. He’s ready to take Hollywood by storm! Mark is determined to succeed in one of the most exciting fields in the world . . . The Biz.

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ISBN: 9781934713013

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