Heads or Tails: Backing Up the Beast

Heads or Tails: Backing Up the Beast


You are Scotty Reardon, the backup to Bobby “The Beast” Brownstein, Murrow High’s star senior quarterback. Your job is to be ready to play at all times, just in case you’re needed. It’s the day of the first game of the season and you are ready . . . mostly. But there’s a secret that you’ve never felt comfortable sharing with your coaches or teammates. It’s made being a quarterback twice as hard, and could bring a fast end to your playing career. Can you make sure your secret doesn’t stop you from succeeding when it’s your turn to take the field?

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Grade 6-7 | Fiction| ISBN: 978-1-62920-249-5 | Lexile: 870 | GRL: T | English 

Heads or Tails – Backing Up the Beast: 


  • Features relatable and diverse characters who readers can relate to
  • Presents athletes from various sports to engage readers of different athletic interests 

Key Features:

  • Readers are in control of the story as they can determine the path of each story’s protagonist. 
  • Unique “heads” or “tails” decisions at end of pages to enable multiple endings and narratives for each story. 
  • Book can be read over and over again without taking the same path twice. 

Heads or Tails? 
Have you ever wished that you could just whisper some advice to your favorite character? Don’t go in there!. . . She’s lying to you!. . .  It’s a trap! If you’ve ever read a book and wished you could take control, then Heads or Tails? books are for you. 

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