Heads or Tails: The Iceman’s Meltdown

Heads or Tails: The Iceman’s Meltdown


You are Kellen Moore, the best pitcher at West Burbank High. It isn’t your arm that makes you successful, but your cool head. You’ve always had an uncanny ability on the mound to tune out the crowd, the opposing team, and the pressure. Well, almost always. The state championship game forces you to revisit one moment when you let the pressure get the better of you – an embarrassing day you’d rather forget. This time, can you make the choices that will help bring home the trophy for your team?

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Grade 6-7 | Fiction| ISBN: 978-1-62920-246-4 | Lexile: 800 | GRL: Q| English

Heads or Tails – The Icemans Meltdown: 


  • Features relatable and diverse characters who readers can relate to
  • Presents athletes from various sports to engage readers of different athletic interests 

Key Features:

  • Readers are in control of the story as they can determine the path of each story’s protagonist. 
  • Unique “heads” or “tails” decisions at end of pages to enable multiple endings and narratives for each story. 
  • Book can be read over and over again without taking the same path twice. 

Heads or Tails? 
Have you ever wished that you could just whisper some advice to your favorite character? Don’t go in there!. . . She’s lying to you!. . .  It’s a trap! If you’ve ever read a book and wished you could take control, then Heads or Tails? books are for you. 

A whole child approach ensures that each student is healthy, safe, engaged, supported and challenged.

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