Just a Memory Away

Just a Memory Away


When a young girl dreams on a rainy day, memories of her Papi who passed away envelop her with love and take her on a rainbow-filled imaginative adventure of new discoveries, new wonders, and new possibilities. She is not afraid of bumps and turns, she is brave and strong, knowing he is only a smile and a memory away. The emptiness of her loss is filled with his love that remains.

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Grades 2-5 | Fiction | ISBN: 979-8-88634-025-9 | English


  • Helps identify difficult emotions and recognize inner strength
  • Fosters empathy and compassion
  • Expresses gratitude in face of grief
  • Presents appreciation of diversity
  • Reflects on individual’s role in promoting well-being

Key features:

  • Depth of Knowledge questions and standards-aligned activities for the classroom
  • Afterword provides instruction on how a child’s memory and imagination can help invoke comfort and connection during loss

About The Author

Tanya is a Dominican writer and poet. She has been a classroom teacher for over two decades. She enjoys immersing herself in fantastical worlds, whether of her own creation or imagined by others. Tanya is happiest when riding upon dragons, scheming with fairies or concocting potions of mischievous outcomes. Tanya lives in the Boston area with her husband and their two teenagers. She is also the co-founder of Las Margaritas Foundation, a non-profit organization working to educate underserved children in the Dominican Republic.

Praise for Just a Memory Away:

“Just a Memory Away evokes a sweet and loving memory of a Papi who died too soon for the central character in this story. The ability to connect with memories, to recall a touch, a kiss, a feeling of being loved is woven beautifully throughout the text and illustrations. Memories are powerful in propelling this young girl to move forward in life with resilience and the courage to embrace new experiences as she finds her way in the world.

“Of special note is the author’s use of print in creative ways that support early literacy and important vocabulary. This adds to the inviting and always beautiful illustrations.”

–Vicki C. Milstein, Director of Curriculum and Instruction Martin Trust Partnership in Education for Early Learners, Brookline, MA

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