Kiara and the Virus NEW!

Kiara and the Virus NEW!


Kiara and The Virus is another exciting and empowering bilingual picture book by award-winning author Kianny Antigua. The challenges of being at home isolated during the COVID-19 pandemic is difficult for Kiara and her family. With everyday routines disrupted, Kiara and her pet parrot Lulu discover new ways to support others in a crisis. In making the best of a very challenging situation, Kiara learns that each of us are heroes and that we all can develop empathy for others at home or in the community.

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Grade K-2 | Fiction | ISBN: 978-1-68265-998-4 | Lexile: 660 | GRL: N | English

Kiara and The Virus:


  • Helps develop social-emotional competencies and life skills resulting from the complicated emotions in dealing with a pandemic
  • Introduces readers to the power of support systems
  • Promotes conversations about how to protect each other from the COVID-19 virus
  • Provides powerful illustrations to engage readers

Key features:

  • Text in Spanish and English
  • Depth of Knowledge student questions aligned to standards
  • Individual and group activities to support social-emotional learning
  • Glossary to build student vocabulary

About the Author: 

Kianny specializes in writing bilingual children’s literature based on her experiences as a young Dominican girl. Faced with a series of dead-end jobs as a teenager, Kianny made the decision to go to school and get an education so that she can pursue her life goals. Her book Greña / Crazy Hair won first place in the Most Inspirational Children’s Picture Book category of the Latino Book Awards in 2018.


Greña / Crazy Hair

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