Make It Happen! Josiah Ng, Cyclist

Make It Happen! Josiah Ng, Cyclist


Josiah Ng had just arrived in Malaysia. His dream of cycling for the US Olympic Team hadn’t worked out. He had grown up in California, but wasn’t a US citizen, so he couldn’t join the US team. His last shot was to convince the national team in Malaysia, his country of citizenship, to take a risk and let him compete on their team.

His grandfather stood waiting for Josiah at the airport. His small car wouldn’t fit Josiah and the racing bikes he had brought with him, but there was no way Josiah was abandoning them. Instead, he rode 40 miles to his grandparents’ house in a monsoon. He wasn’t going to let anything stop him.

With every pump of his legs, Josiah’s bicycle pedals smacked the rivers of water streaming past him. The monsoon rains drenched him completely, but Josiah gritted his teeth and kept pedaling.

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The Make It Happen! series helps students build the skills necessary to reach their own goals. This series is not about learning how to become a superstar or hero. Instead, each book presents unique people who have overcome great challenges to succeed in work and life.

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