Morris Flip, Sound Machine

Morris Flip, Sound Machine


Have you ever heard a bird meow? Morris Flip may be autistic and doesn’t use words to speak, but he can create the most astonishing sound effects! He uses his unique talent to foil a band of counterfeiters, outwit a treasure-hunting duke, befuddle the school principal, and discover how to become a leader. Join Morris, and the rest of the gang from Mortimer Potts Elementary School, for a wacky summer-camp adventure.

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Author: Liz Cooper
Product ID: 18295ISBN: 9798886340792.


Grades 4-8 | Fiction | Paperback | ISBN: 9798886340792 | Lexile: — | English

Morris Flip, Sound Machine


  • Presents a challenging situation and complicated emotions that provide teachable moments for readers
  • Helps students develop social-emotional competencies and life skills
  • Presents diverse characters who are relatable to all readers
  • Introduces students to others who have significant physical challenges

About the Author:
Liz Cooper is a former nurse, elementary school teacher, and school language-arts supervisor. Liz is passionate about promoting literacy, disability awareness, and kindness because as an elementary school teacher, she noticed that differently abled students were ignored on the playground. Through her writing, she aims to foster inclusivity and empathy in funny books that kids will enjoy reading.

A whole child approach ensures that each student is healthy, safe, engaged, supported and challenged.

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