The Boy Who Opened Our Eyes

The Boy Who Opened Our Eyes


Meet Elaine, a loving and sensitive ten-year-old girl who was given a homework assignment that inspired a dream. The Boy Who Opened Our Eyes is the result of that dream. It is the story of her little brother, Mark, a fearless and warm six-year-old blind boy. Sometimes life is fun for Mark, and sometimes it’s challenging. But no matter what, Mark always inspires people to treat others with respect and empathy. Join Mark, and meet his family and friends… and his loyal dog, Sparkie, too. Mark will make you laugh and sometimes cry. But one thing’s for sure–once you get to know him, he will open your eyes and you will remember him forever.

Lexile Level: 580L

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Product ID: 9952ISBN: 9781682653531.


Grades 2-6 Illustrated Book | ISBN: 978-1-68265-353-1 | Lexile: 580L (English)
Grades 2-6 Illustrated Book | ISBN: 978-1-68265-561-0 | Lexile: 580L (Spanish)

The Boy Who Opened Our Eyes also includes:

  • Teacher’s Depth of Knowledge questions and standards-aligned activities for the classroom
  • Glossary to build student vocabulary
  • Unique “hands-on” activity to introduce students to Mark’s world

Praise for The Boy Who Opened Our Eyes:

“As a father and grandfather, I know that young people face unique challenges that can teach them a great deal about determination and friendship. This heartwarming story will not only inspire resilience and empower children to overcome obstacles, it will also teach them to show compassion and embrace differences.”
—David N. Dinkins, 106th Mayor, City of New York

“A beautifully written and illustrated true story of a very special boy that tugs at your heartstrings. This story will remind you of the amazing power of family, friends, love, optimism, and determination. A must read for all.”
—Shelley Goldberg, NY 1 News Parenting Reporter

“I was touched by this sensitive, moving, and inspirational book. I was bullied a lot in school until my recent success on the TV show, ‘The Voice.’ Even Alicia Keys complimented me for being ‘perfectly yourself.’ This awesome book will inspire kids to be proud of who they are and to succeed against all odds . . . just like I have!”
—Wé McDonald, 17-year-old performer on “The Voice” 2016

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