The Magic Locker: Rope-a-Dope

The Magic Locker: Rope-a-Dope


Muhammad Ali talks a big game. This time, he may not be able to back it up. Ali realizes he is in serious trouble against the bigger, stronger George Foreman. Can our three buddies and their powers from the magic locker convince Muhammad Ali to “rope-a-dope?” Or will Foreman knock Ali to the canvas?

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Grade 3-6 | Fiction | ISBN: 978-1-62920-126-9 | Lexile: 780 | GRL: Q | English

The Magic Locker – Book 5 – Rope-A-Dope: 


  • Enables readers to better understand people and societies long ago and today
  • Provides opportunities for students to better understand change and how the communities and world they live in came to be

The Magic Locker
Fiction series features three friends who find a magic sports locker that takes them back in time to experience memorable sporting events. But will traveling in time change these sports forever?

A whole child approach ensures that each student is healthy, safe, engaged, supported and challenged.

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