5 Tips to Please Picky Eaters

5 Tips to Please Picky Eaters

March is National Nutrition Month so we’ll be posting tips for helping kids make healthy choices!

Share these 5 tips from our Nutrition and Physical Fitness Parent Guide with parents in your school community to help them get the picky eaters in their family on track.

Most families have experienced a picky eater or two on the family tree. Picky eaters often complain about a meal and/or request another choice of food, or refuse to eat altogether. If this becomes a routine occurrence in your home, experts recommend these strategies:

  1. Do not serve snacks or drinks within 90 minutes of mealtime to help ensure that your child is hungry at mealtime.
  2. Continue to introduce new foods and provide small portions that are just enough to try.
  3. Pair new foods with old favorites, and don’t get discouraged — you may have to serve a food many times and in several different ways before a child accepts it.
  4. Be supportive and set limits. Don’t pressure your child to eat, and don’t be afraid to let your child go hungry if he or she won’t eat what’s being served.
  5. Try serving children who are “picky purists” simple foods without sauces or dressings. Some picky eaters do not like their foods to touch each other on the plate.

A whole child approach ensures that each student is healthy, safe, engaged, supported and challenged.

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