The Great Outdoors! Series (10 Titles)

The Great Outdoors! Series (10 Titles)


Put down the screen! Turn off the TV! Unplug … and experience the joy of The Great Outdoors! In each book in this series, readers will be inspired to try a new activity that they cant do with a smartphone. Studies show that young people spend more time looking at a screen than enjoying outdoor adventures. Find out the gear you should bring on a backpacking trip or how you can start flyfishing. Check out the excitement of mountain biking or the calming mood of nature photography. Try out water-skiing or snowboarding. Expert authors offer insider tips for readers. This series will provide starting points, expert advice, and ideas for success in the great outdoors.

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A night under the stars, a campfire glowing, your warm tent up and ready camping provides a wide range of great experiences. Its a great way to take a break from busy life and relax amid the beauty of nature. This book provides expert advice on how you can have a camping adventure with your family. Plan your trip, pack your bags, and wake up with the sun! Anybody can go camping, why not you?

Discovering Nature

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You can just look out your window to discover nature . . . but why not go further? Inside, find out lots of ways you can take a closer look at the natural world around you. Find out how to be a nature detective and find signs of animals. Learn how to take amazing images of the landscape. Plus check out great gear that will help you in your nature quest.


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Fish on! Thats the exciting call of a person who has lured a fish onto their line. Then the battle begins to land the wriggling animal! Fishing has been a part of peoples lives for thousands of years. Today, its a fun sport that many families enjoy together, whether on a river or a lake or in the ocean. Inside, learn about the different types of fishing you can do, the gear you need to succeed, and tips on how the “land the big one!”

Hiking and Backpacking

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Take a hike! To hikers, thats a call to action! Hiking is one of the most popular outdoor activities around. In this book, a national hiking expert takes you out on the trail and gives you tips on how to make your trips fun, unique, and safe. Learn about what gear to bring while backpacking, plus some fun ideas for food on the trail. Also, read about some of the best places to go hiking! Lace on your boots and hit the trail!

Horseback Riding

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Horse lovers already know the thrill of mounting up and seeing the sights from the back of a horse. This book helps you learn more about this sport so that you can give it a try, too! Riding a horse is a great way to explore new trails and vistas, plus its fun to create a relationship with such a huge animal! Inside, learn how to find the right horse for you, how to choose the best gear (called “tack”) you need, and about all the ways you can ride!


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For thousands of years, hunters have brought home food to help their families survive. Even today, hunting remains a popular activity for friends and families to share. Inside, learn lots of information about how to hunt safely, plus ideas on what sort of game to pursue, how to “read” animal signs, and where you can try out this activity. Hunting doesn't end with the hunt, however; after that, its time for dinner!

Mountain Biking

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Whether you're pounding down a forest trail or cruising through a flowery meadow, mountain biking is an awesome way to see nature . . . and exercise! Inside, find out more about this fun sport, including what sort of bikes to ride, great places to hit the trails, and riding techniques from the experts. Strap on your helmet and aim your bike into the wild!

Snow Sports

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In many places, winter means snow and snow means . . . fun! From snowboarding to ice skating and more, snow sports are a great way to keep the fun going all year long. Just because its cold, doesn't mean you cant be out having a good time! Inside, read about some of the most popular winter sports you can try, plus learn the gear you need to succeed, plus tips on how to do the sports safely. Its a winter wonderland . . . of sports!

Survival Skills

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Our ancestors survived in the wild for centuries. Knowing the secrets that kept them alive can make your nature experience more fun and safer. Find out how to locate water, how to find food, and how to create several types of shelters. There is a list of key gear to bring, plus ideas on how signal for help. Nature can be a wonderful and exciting place, but danger lurks. This book helps you get ready to survive!

Water Sports

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Whether you like to surf, sail, waterski, or just swim, water is a great way to experience the outdoors. Inside, read about the many awesome sports you can do on lakes, ponds, rivers, oceans, and more. Cut across the waves on a windsurfer or cruise through a lake in a kayak. Try your hand at wakeboarding or bounce along the rapids in an inner tube. Tips, gear, ideas, and more are all inside . . . bring your own towel!


10 Titles
Series ISBN: 9781682655559
Grade Range: 5th – 8th
48 pages each

A whole child approach ensures that each student is healthy, safe, engaged, supported and challenged.

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