The Magic Locker Series (6 Titles)

The Magic Locker Series (6 Titles)


Four young friends find a magic locker with hidden mysteries. The locker takes them back in time where they find they have special sports-related powers. Historic sporting events are in jeopardy unless they right history!

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Olympic Miracle

View Product | ISBN: 9781629201160 | $8.95 | Paperback

Mike Eruzione and the U.S. men’s ice hockey team gold medal at the 1980 Winter Olympics is in jeopardy if Eruzione can’t get his head right—and the puck in the net. Will the three friends and their magic locker preserve the famous “Miracle on Ice?”


Best of the Best

View Product | ISBN: 9781629201313 | $8.95 | Paperback

Rebecca Lobo has had her confidence shaken. She has doubts about herself, her basketball ability, and her willingness to compete for a tough coach in Geno Auriemma. Is she going to sulk and walk away from the game? Or can the three friends and their magic locker power convince her to guide the University of Connecticut to an undefeated season?


Hammerin' at History

View Product | ISBN: 9781629201191 | $8.95 | Paperback

Before becoming baseball’s all-time home run leader, Hank Aaron had to find the strength to overcome nasty racism. Will Aaron give in to the hate speech and walk away? Or will our friends and their magic locker guide Aaron to home run No. 715?



View Product | ISBN: 9781629201252 | $8.95 | Paperback

Briana Scurry and the U.S. women’s soccer team are set to win the first women’s World Cup, but there’s a problem. Scurry can’t find her goalie gloves. Does she really need them? Or is she good enough without them? Our three heroes and their magic locker are on the case.


Broadway Joe

View Product | ISBN: 9781629201221 | $8.95 | Paperback

Before Broadway Joe Namath guaranteed victory for his New York Jets over the Baltimore Colts in Super Bowl III, he had second thoughts. Never one to lack for confidence, will Namath’s self-belief fade? Or will our three main characters, with an assist from their magic locker, convince him to stand by his victory promise?



View Product | ISBN: 9781629201283 | $8.95 | Paperback

Muhammad Ali talks a big game. This time, he may not be able to back it up. Ali realizes he is in serious trouble against the bigger, stronger George Foreman. Can our three buddies and their powers from the magic locker convince Muhammad Ali to “rope-a-dope?” Or will Foreman knock Ali to the canvas?




  • Enables readers to better understand people and societies long ago and today
  • Provides opportunities for students to better understand change and how the communities and world they live in came to be

The Magic Locker
Fiction series features three friends who find a magic sports locker that takes them back in time to experience memorable sporting events. But will traveling in time change these sports forever?

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