On the Hardwood Series (30 Titles)

On the Hardwood Series (30 Titles)


On the Hardwood is a series of officially licensed NBA team books that places young readers on the court next to their favorite NBA superstars. These 48-page, in-depth team profiles are opportunities to learn about where a team has been and where they are going. Each book is beautifully laid out, with dynamic NBA-licensed color photos on nearly every page. Young readers have watched the games on television and followed the players online… Now, they can practice their reading skills as they immerse themselves in the worlds of their favorite teams. Lightswitch Learning invites young readers to listen to the squeaking sneakers, the bouncing ball, and the final buzzer, as they stand alongside their sports heroes on the hardwood.

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Los Angeles Lakers

View Product | ISBN: 9781615705023 | $8.95 | Paperback

If you’re into hoops, then get ready to step ,On the Hardwood with the Los Angeles Lakers, in this officially licensed NBA team book. Come along for the ride as Kobe, Shaq, Gasol, and Phil Jackson lead the Lakers to five thrilling championships in the 2000s. On the Hardwood: Los Angeles Lakers also takes you back to the team’s early years, when legendary figures like Jerry West and Magic Johnson were helping the Lakers build a legacy of greatness—which stands to this day.

Miami Heat

View Product | ISBN: 9781615705009 | $8.95 | Paperback

Lace up your sneakers—it’s time to step On the Hardwood with the Miami Heat, in this officially licensed NBA team book. On the Hardwood: The Miami Heat takes us to the beginning of the franchise, into their rivalry with the New York Knicks, and through their championship season in 2011-12.

Houston Rockets

View Product | ISBN: 9781615708376 | $8.95 | Paperback

Blast off with the Houston Rockets and land On the Hardwood, in this officially licensed NBA team book. Everything is bigger in Texas, including Rockets superstar centers such as Ralph Sampson, Hakeem Olajuwon, and Yao Ming, who once patrolled the paint. More recently, the talented guard, James Harden, has captured the imagination of the Rockets’ fans. On the Hardwood: Houston Rockets explores the history of this championship franchise—and looks forward to their promising future.

Chicago Bulls

View Product | ISBN: 9781615705047 | $8.95 | Paperback

Put on your basketball shoes and step On the Hardwood with the Chicago Bulls, in this officially licensed NBA team book. Go behind the scenes of the team that “put a ring on it.” Experience the magic of Michael Jordan, Phil Jackson, and the Bulls’ six championships. On the Hardwood: Chicago Bulls also takes readers back to a time when there were no championship banners to speak of, and allows readers to feel the pain of the Bulls’ losses before enjoying the many victories that followed.

Dallas Mavericks

View Product | ISBN: 9781615705122 | $8.95 | Paperback

Take a trip down to “Big D” and step On the Hardwood with the Dallas Mavericks, in this officially licensed NBA team book. In 2011, the Dallas Mavericks joined an elite group as they became champions. In On the Hardwood: Dallas Mavericks, we see the team’s rise behind forward Dirk Nowitzki and owner Mark Cuban. But the road to glory wasn’t a straight one. This title takes us through the roller-coaster in Dallas—before winning became a tradition.

San Antonia Spurs

View Product | ISBN: 9781615705085 | $8.95 | Paperback

Head down to the Alamo and join the San Antonio Spurs On the Hardwood, in this officially licensed NBA team book. To find one of the most successful franchises in professional sports, look no farther than San Antonio. The Spurs have remained in the shadows. But that doesn’t mean that the team hasn’t been busy. Four championships since 1999 prove otherwise. In On the Hardwood: San Antonio Spurs, we examine the Spurs’ rise, how this championship team was built, and the intensity in which it was coached.

Boston Celtics

View Product | ISBN: 9781615708321 | $8.95 | Paperback

Before you step On the Hardwood with the Boston Celtics, look toward the rafters and count the 17 championship banners. If you’re into hoops, then you know the names, both past and present: Russell, Cousy, Havlicek, Auerbach, Bird, Pierce, Garnett and Rondo. Now, know their stories. On the Hardwood: Boston Celtics details the NBA’s most successful franchise, the great players and coaches that have spent time in Boston, and the passionate fans that cheer them on.

New York Knicks

View Product | ISBN: 9781615708345 | $8.95 | Paperback

Get ready to enter the NBA’s most recognizable arena! Step On the Hardwood with the New York Knicks, in this officially licensed NBA team book. Most NBA fans will agree that when Madison Square Garden is rocking, and the Knicks are playing well, the sport is simply better. The Knicks, behind Carmelo Anthony, have reenergized the Big Apple, where the connection to basketball runs deep. On the Hardwood: New York Knicks will examine the close relationship between a city, its favorite team, and its favorite sport.

Minnesota Timberwolves

View Product | ISBN: 9781615705061 | $8.95 | Paperback

Join the Minnesota Timberwolves On the Hardwood in this officially licensed NBA team book. In On the Hardwood: Minnesota Timberwolves, we hear about the steps that were taken to bring a team back to the Twin Cities, and how the Timberwolves thrived after drafting one of the game’s greats, Kevin Garnett.

Portland Trail Blazers

View Product | ISBN: 9781615708383 | $8.95 | Paperback

Take a trip to the Pacific Northwest, and step On the Hardwood with the Portland Trail Blazers, in this officially licensed NBA team book. In this one-team town, the Trail Blazers have long been loved, and for good reason. Bill Walton delivered a championship to the city in 1977, and Portland has been craving more success ever since. On the Hardwood: Portland Trail Blazers will document the steps the franchise is taking to deliver another championship to their loyal fans.

Los Angeles Clippers

View Product | ISBN: 9781615705108 | $8.95 | Paperback

Get ready for a lob toward the rim! Join the Los Angeles Clippers On the Hardwood, in this officially licensed NBA team book. The Los Angeles Clippers have been in the back seat in L.A., with the Lakers in the forefront. But that quiet back seat ride is almost over. Chris Paul has been added to a talented, young group to form one of the most exciting teams in the NBA. On the Hardwood: Los Angeles Clippers will examine the moment things changed for the Clippers and highlight their growing respect in NBA circles.

Brooklyn Nets

View Product | ISBN: 9781615708352 | $8.95 | Paperback

Lace up your shoes - it's time to jump On the Hardwood with the Brooklyn Nets, in this officially licensed NBA team book. Although their 2012 move from New Jersey to Brooklyn was only 21-miles, much has changed for the Nets. New uniforms, new owners, a new coach, and high-profile players have the Nets shining under Brooklyn's bright lights. On the Hardwood: Brooklyn Nets takes us back in time to relive memorable moments in Nets history, from New Jersey all the way to their new home in Brooklyn.

Utah Jazz

View Product | ISBN: 9781615708338 | $8.95 | Paperback

Join the Utah Jazz On the Hardwood in this officially licensed NBA team book. Two unlikely teammates, John Stockton and Karl Malone, came from completely different backgrounds and upbringings—and the two didn’t just succeed, they became one of the greatest duos in NBA history. They elevated Salt Lake City basketball to a level that wasn’t thought possible. On the Hardwood: Utah Jazz details this unique partnership, the current Jazz team, and their pursuit of the city’s first championship.

Indiana Pacers

View Product | ISBN: 9781615708369 | $8.95 | Paperback

Take a trip to the Hoosier State as you walk On the Hardwood with the Indiana Pacers, in this officially licensed NBA team book. Basketball is special in Indiana. Drive down rural roads throughout the state and you’ll spot basketball rims hung from every post. On the Hardwood: Indiana Pacers looks at Indiana’s unique love of basketball, and the Pacers especially. Travel back to the glory days of Reggie Miller, examine Indiana’s own Larry Bird and his influence on the franchise, before taking a closer look at today’s exciting team.

Philadelphia 76ers

View Product | ISBN: 9781615708314 | $8.95 | Paperback

If you’re into hoops, then join the Philadelphia 76ers On the Hardwood in this officially licensed NBA team book. Players who have called Philly “home” are household names: Wilt Chamberlain, Julius Erving, Charles Barkley, and Allen Iverson. Their accomplishments include numerous All-Star game appearances, 6 NBA Finals visits, and championships in 1967 and 1983. Now, a new 76ers era is dawning. On the Hardwood: Philadelphia 76ers peeks into the future at a team that hopes to duplicate the successes of its past.

Golden State Warriors

View Product | ISBN: 9781615709137 | $8.95 | Paperback

Before Stephen Curry swishes another three-pointer, join the Golden State Warriors On the Hardwood in this officially licensed NBA team book. From high school gyms, to the pick-up games in the parks, to Oracle Arena, basketball is ever-present in the Bay Area, and the Warriors are especially adored. The fervor for the home team has reached new heights behind Curry and Klay Thompson. For Warrior fans, the wait for another NBA championship is about to reach 40 years. On the Hardwood: Golden State Warriors hints that the wait is almost over.

Washington Wizards

View Product | ISBN: 9781615709250 | $8.95 | Paperback

Before going to see the historic monuments in Washington D.C., step On the Hardwood with the Washington Wizards in this officially licensed NBA team book. The rebuild of the Washington franchise, once champions, is very nearly complete. Hoops fans know the names responsible for the basketball rebirth in D.C.: John Wall, Bradley Beal, and Otto Porter. On the Hardwood: Washington Wizards tells the story of what once made the team champions, and the steps that are being taken to hang another banner in the nation’s capital.

Detroit Pistons

View Product | ISBN: 9781629201733 | $8.95 | Paperback

Don’t think about whining over a hard foul when you join the Detroit Pistons On the Hardwood in this officially licensed NBA team book. The Pistons, just like the city of Detroit, were built on toughness and teamwork. In 1989 and 1990, Detroit’s “Bad Boys” hung championship banners because of that toughness. In 2004, the Pistons were champions again thanks to their team play. On the Hardwood: Detroit Pistons details the players and the coaches that built these championship teams, and the steps that are underway to return the team to glory.

Milwaukee Bucks

View Product | ISBN: 9781629201733 | $8.95 | Paperback

Hit the Midwest highways and you will soon stop On the Hardwood with the Milwaukee Bucks. One-time champions behind Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Oscar Robertson, the young Bucks are looking to build upon their past glory and hang another banner from the rafters. In this officially licensed NBA title, you will learn why teams will soon “Fear the Deer” again, and about a young man from Greece, who is simply known as “The Greek Freak.”

Sacramento Kings

View Product | ISBN: 9781629201818 | $8.95 | Paperback

A flight to California’s capital city will land you On the Hardwood in an NBA hotspot, where the Sacramento Kings reside. Backed by loyal and loud fans, the team was very close to a championship during the early 2000s. Now, with dynamic new ownership and a young, talent-filled roster, the Kings are aiming to be NBA’s king team. On the Hardwood: Sacramento Kings takes readers through the team’s rebuild and near relocation on their newest path to become NBA royalty.

Toronto Raptors

View Product | ISBN: 9781629201771 | $8.95 | Paperback

Cross the border and you will find the only professional basketball team in Canada, the Toronto Raptors. A great number of individual stars have played On the Hardwood for the Canadian franchise, but these days, the fans up north yearn for more than individual success. In On the Hardwood: Toronto Raptors, we learn that the pieces are in place, both in the front office and on the floor, for the team to finally chase that championship ring.

Denver Nuggets

View Product | ISBN: 9781615709052 | $8.95 | Paperback

Bring some oxygen and take a journey On the Hardwood where the Denver Nuggets hold court. On the Hardwood: Denver Nuggets provides a window into the team’s past, showing how some of the game’s great scorers such as Dan Issel and Alex English left their mark on the Mile High City. This officially licensed NBA team book also offers a peek into the future of an entertaining franchise, a future in which a championship is the lone remaining goal.

Charlotte Hornets

View Product | ISBN: 9781629201696 | $8.95 | Paperback

Make the journey to the South to leap On the Hardwood alongside the Charlotte Hornets. Owner Michael Jordan is trying to tutor a group of young playmakers about what it takes to be an NBA champion. The plan and the players are now in place. The playoffs are the next stop. On the Hardwood: Charlotte Hornets takes you to the heart of basketball country in North Carolina and details how much the game and their home team means to the region.

Orlando Magic

View Product | ISBN: 9781629201658 | $8.95 | Paperback

Take a trip down to Florida and step On the Hardwood with the Orlando Magic. This officially licensed NBA team book profiles a team and a city that can make magic happen. A franchise marked by superstar centers and narrow championship misses is now rebuilding with the ultimate prize in mind. On the Hardwood: Orlando Magic hints that the pieces will soon be in place.

New Orleans Pelicans

View Product | ISBN: 9781629201856 | $8.95 | Paperback

Make your way onto Bourbon Street and not far from there you will find the New Orleans Pelicans doing their thing On the Hardwood. The rebuilt city is always looking for a reason to celebrate. In this officially licensed NBA team book, On the Hardwood: New Orleans Pelicans, all signs indicate that a championship parade may soon be headed that way as the Pelicans are stacked with young players on the rise.

Atlanta Hawks

View Product | ISBN: 9781615708970 | $8.95 | Paperback

Take a trip down South and step On the Hardwood with the Atlanta Hawks in this officially licensed NBA team book. If you follow hoops, then you know the names from the past: Bob Petit, Pete Maravich, Lou Hudson, Moses Malone, and Dominique Wilkens. Today, a new generation has arrived in north Georgia, young men ready to carry the Hawks to new and unimaginable heights. On the Hardwood: Atlanta Hawks examines the team and the talent aiming to propel a proud franchise to their first championship since 1958.

Memphis Grizzlies

View Product | ISBN: 9781615709175 | $8.95 | Paperback

Stash some attitude with you as you get set to step On the Hardwood with the Memphis Grizzlies. In Memphis, it is fair to expect good barbeque and a historical music community. Now, you can also anticipate excellent, hard-nosed basketball. The team responsible for that is the Memphis Grizzlies, who have proved that you don’t have to be around for a long time to have a good time. This officially licensed NBA team book, On the Hardwood: Memphis Grizzlies, details the players who have turned Memphis into a thriving basketball community.

Phoenix Suns

View Product | ISBN: 9781615709212 | $8.95 | Paperback

Pack your shades and your sunscreen, and shield yourself from the glare of the Phoenix Suns in this officially licensed NBA team book. It was once thought that basketball and the desert didn’t mesh. That all changed when the Suns touched down in Phoenix. Soon, MVPs like Charles Barkley and Steve Nash were flourishing On the Hardwood, and this proud organization found itself within a few plays of winning multiple championships. On the Hardwood: Phoenix Suns details a franchise that almost never was, and their many great teams, players, and games.

Cleveland Cavaliers

View Product | ISBN: 9781615709014 | $8.95 | Paperback

Lace up your high-tops and get ready to run the fast break On the Hardwood with the Cleveland Cavaliers. The goal of an NBA championship starts with Cavs’ superstar Kyrie Irving and trickles down to the young and promising players in the organization. You may know the names: Dion Waiters, Tyler Zeller, Tristan Thompson, and Anthony Bennett. Soon, everyone will know their game. This officially licensed NBA team book, On the Hardwood: Cleveland Cavaliers, profiles a proud city and a rising franchise connected by an unwavering focus on winning an NBA title.


30 Titles

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