Yes She Did! Series (8 Titles)

Yes She Did! Series (8 Titles)


It takes a strong person to go against the grain and redefine the norm. The Yes She Did! series focuses on determined women who bucked gender trends on their way to becoming forerunners in their fields.

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Yes She Did!: Medicine

View Product | ISBN: 9781615709328 | $8.95 | Paperback

See how women cure a fast-spreading disease by creating and then testing vaccines, in Yes She Did!: Medicine. Get inspired and get going—yes YOU can!


Yes She Did!: Military

View Product | ISBN: 9781615708772 | $8.95 | Paperback

When it comes to war, women in the military have proven that they are not only capable, but heroic. Female soldiers do everything from flying jets to rescuing comrades under enemy fire. They are Coast Guard captains, Generals, medics, and fighter pilots. And some, like double amputee Tammy Duckworth, bravely serve their country despite their injuries. They are soldiers; proudly marching forward to change the face of the United States military.


Yes She Did!: Sports

View Product | ISBN: 9781615708765 | $8.95 | Paperback

Millions of young women are donning jerseys and joining the game every day. But did you know that in the past, women were not allowed to be athletes? Luckily, due to the hard work, incredible talent, and the determination of strong women, these walls no longer exist. Countless female athletes, like Missy Franklin and Abby Wambach, prove that women have what it takes to compete at the highest levels. Girls everywhere are picking up the torch—running, jumping, and swimming their way to athletic equality.


Yes She Did!: Law Enforcement

View Product | ISBN: 9781615709366 | $8.95 | Paperback

Experience the thrill of catching a criminal alongside female police officers, in Yes She Did!: Law Enforcement. Get inspired and get going—yes YOU can!


Yes She Did!: News & Media

View Product | ISBN: 9781615709441 | $8.95 | Paperback

Chase the latest breaking story with female print and television reporters, in Yes She Did!: News & Media. Get inspired and get going—yes YOU can!


Yes She Did!: Business

View Product | ISBN: 9781615708796 | $8.95 | Paperback

Business innovators know how to jump on a new trend and make a big profit. Yes She Did!: Business profiles quirky clothing sellers, computer scientists, experts on foreign countries, and more. All of these successful and intelligent women are changing the world of business, and succeeding against great odds. Find out just what “the girl effect” means for the future of business.


Yes She Did!: Entertainment

View Product | ISBN: 9781615708789 | $8.95 | Paperback

Success in the entertainment industry doesn’t happen overnight—bravery and talent must come first. Read about women like Tina Fey who are changing the face of comedy, or Harry Potter author J. K. Rowling’s unlikely rise to the top. Defying the critics and their circumstances, the women profiled in Yes She Did!: Entertainment are muscling their way into public view. And to every person who says “No, she can’t,” they reply, “yes, she did!”


Yes She Did!: Aerospace

View Product | ISBN: 9781615709403 | $8.95 | Paperback

Float into outer space with women on a voyage of discovery in Yes She Did:!Aerospace. Get inspired and get going—yes YOU can!




  • Supports girl empowerment and entrepreneurship  
  • Helps develop social-emotional competencies and career and STEM skills 
  • Introduces young readers to the power of support systems and diverse perspectives 
  • Helps readers improve informational text comprehension 

Key features: 

  • Exciting visuals to help support diverse learning styles 
  • Primary sources such as photos to engage students in a personal way 
  • Fun facts enable readers to use facts and evidence to reason and build strong verbal and written arguments. 

Yes She Did! 
Women are succeeding both on and off the athletic field today in a variety of ways. This nonfiction series highlights the hard work, discipline, and determination of women yesterday and today who have broken down barriers and inspired girls around the world. Each action-packed story inspires girls to pick up the torch and prove that women can compete at the highest levels.

A whole child approach ensures that each student is healthy, safe, engaged, supported and challenged.

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