Amazing Annabelle Series (11 Titles)

Amazing Annabelle Series (11 Titles)


Annabelle is a third grader who strives to be the very best at everything she sets out to do. But sometimes her plans don’t work out and she needs to develop the skills necessary to cope. Each book in the Amazing Annabelle series (11 books) features real-life situations at home and at school that are meaningful and relevant to readers today. This series motivates students to respond to challenges and everyday problems by developing social emotional skills that are essential to achieving academic success and personal goals.

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The Apple Celebration

View Product | Fiction | ISBN: 9781947829008 | $9.00

Annabelle is teamed up with Sally who has been mean to her in the past and has teased her endlessly.

The Fall Festival

View Product | Fiction | ISBN: 9781947829022 | $9.00

Thank You Veterans

View Product | Fiction | ISBN: 9781947829015 | $9.00

The entire class joins together in a special day of celebration for the veterans, thanking them for their service. And Annabelle learns that she shouldn’t judge others who may be struggling with difficulties from their past.

December Holidays and Celebrations

View Product | Fiction | ISBN: 9781947829039 | $9.00

Amazing Annabelle—December Holidays and Celebrations teaches kids that it’s important to appreciate the cultural significance of all holidays and have respect for them.

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

View Product | Fiction | ISBN: 9781947829046 | $9.00

This book brings attention to the importance of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and why we celebrate his accomplishments on his special national holiday.

Black History Month and Other Celebrations

View Product | Fiction | ISBN: 9781947829053 | $9.00

This book brings attention to important information about African Americans in our history. It also teaches kids the importance of both keeping a secret and friendship ties.

Women’s History Month

View Product | Fiction | ISBN: 9781947829060 | $9.00

This book brings attention to the accomplishments of three famous women. It also teaches kids that sometimes we have to play the hand we’re dealt in life and have humility.

Earth Month and Animal Celebrations

View Product | Fiction | ISBN: 9781947829077 | $9.00

This book teaches kids that if you have an idea, share it, even if everyone is not in your cheering section.

May Celebrations

View Product | Fiction | ISBN: 9781947829084 | $9.00

This book teaches kids that rumors and lies can be very hurtful to others, and what you may think is funny may not be funny to someone else. Apology is always the best policy.

Last Month of School

View Product | Fiction | ISBN: 9781947829091 | $9.00

Always make the best of situations even until the very end. Memories are sweet, indeed.

Summer Vacation

View Product | Fiction | ISBN: 9781947829107 | $9.00

his book teaches kids to stand up for themselves but also tell an adult when someone is bothering you.

A whole child approach ensures that each student is healthy, safe, engaged, supported and challenged.

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