Picture Books

Neema’s Reason to Smile

Neema’s Reason to Smile is the story of Neema, a young Kenyan girl who dreams of one day being able to afford to go to school. Slowly, and with great purpose, Neema makes a plan to save money in her dream basket and make her dream come true. One day, a mysterious young girl skips down the street wearing a red skirt and white shirt. Soon, she guides Neema all the way to a new school.

$17.95 • Hardcover • 38 Pages • Lexile: 610L

The Little Girl with the Big Voice

Written in Wé Ani McDonald’s own words, The Little Girl with the Big Voice is a powerful story about a girl who courageously embraces her uniqueness and discovers her true voice—overcoming personal struggles and great challenges. Wé’s story inspires kids to work to fulfill their dreams and to expand their own understanding of themselves and the world around them.

$17.95 • Hardcover • 40 Pages • Lexile: 600L

The Boy Who Opened Our Eyes

The Boy Who Opened Our Eyes is the story of Mark, a fearless and warm six-year-old boy with blindness. Sometimes life is fun for Mark, and sometimes it’s challenging. But no matter what, Mark always inspires people to treat others with respect and empathy. Join Mark, and meet his family and friends… and his loyal dog, Sparkie, too. Mark will make you laugh and sometimes cry. But one thing’s for sure–once you get to know him, he will open your eyes and you will remember him forever.

$17.95 • Hardcover • 38 Pages • Lexile: 580L

The Emancipation of Grandpa Sandy Wills

In a one-of-a-kind brilliantly illustrated children’s book that’s based on a true story, veteran television journalist Cheryl Wills tells a powerful tale about her enslaved ancestor who fought for his freedom as a soldier during The Civil War.

$18.63 • Hardcover • 48 Pages • Lexile: 880L

Make It Happen!

How do people become successful? Are some people just lucky?

Books from Make It Happen! help students answer these questions while building the reading and life skills necessary to understand how to reach their own goals. This inspirational biography series is not about learning how to become a superstar or a hero. Each book presents unique people—both young and old—who have overcome great challenges to succeed in work and life.

– All titles available on two reading levels –
Lower Level: Grades 2-5
Upper Level: Grades 6-12

Solomon Dubner, Podcaster

Wé Ani McDonald, Singer

Josh Johnson, Tap Dancer

Dr. Alfredo Quiñones, Surgeon

Ashima Shiraishi, Rock Climber

“Big Boy” Wills, Cartoonist

Informational Text Collections

Lightswitch Learning Informational Text Collections are ideal resources for classroom libraries and independent reading that help to improve literacy while exposing students to social-emotional issues, world history, practical applications of STEM concepts, a wide array of careers, and much more.

– Choose from over 45 unique series with engaging activities! –

Math Collections

Science Collections

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Parent Guides

Lightswitch Learning Parent Guides are available in multiple languages to meet the diverse needs of your community. These are great tools to distribute during open houses, back to school, family literacy nights, and other in-school events. They provide parents with information on a variety of significant topics, like academic success and social-emotional development.

– Choose from over 25 unique topics –
– All titles available in English and Spanish, select titles available in 8 languages –

Professional Books

The Top 10 Teacher Toolkit

A collection of ten titles produced in collaboration with ASCD, the Top Ten Teacher toolkit will provide practitioners with vivid classroom examples and tips for educators on a broad range of topics critical to success in the 21st century classroom.

A whole child approach ensures that each student is healthy, safe, engaged, supported and challenged.

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